What just a few of SPIROL's 500 employees have to say about working at SPIROL...

A "Job" is temporary.  A "Career" is life-long.  SPIROL offers the opportunity to have a career in manufacturing.  SPIROL offers Career's that provide stability, good pay, consistent hours, and hope for the future.

Mike Lentini - Distribution Sales Manager
SPIROL journey started October 2003

What I like about SPIROL is I see our products in things that I buy from the Coiled Pin in the dipsticks in my car to Inserts and pins in a faucet.

John Leckfor - Applications Engineer
SPIROL journey started July 1993

Since 2005, SPIROL has given me every opportunity to advance in my skills, get my education, and step into a career I enjoy.

Daniel Cote - Graphic Designer

SPIROL journey started August 2005

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SPIROL International Corporation
Address30 Rock Ave

Danielson, CT 06239-1434

Tel: 860.774.8571


SPIROL International Corporation
Address321 Remington Road

Stow, OH 44224

Tel: 330.920.3655


SPIROL Industries Ltd.
Address3103 St. Etienne Blvd.

Windsor, ON N8W5B1

Tel: 519.974.3334




SPIROL Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
AddressAvenida Avante #250
Parque Industrial Avante Apodaca

Apodaca, N.L. 66607,  Mexico

Tel: +52.81.8385.4390


SPIROL Solucoes em Fixacao Ltda.
Address: Rua Mafalda Barnabe Soliani, 134

CEP 13347-610 Indaiatuba, SP, Brasil

Tel: +55.19.3936.2701